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Pat Campbell on Box Lacrosse Goalies

ball in nettingI want to apologize to all the followers of this web site who have wondered; where the hell is HOSS, I want new material, I want answers and I need help.

Well I got "screened by life" and got caught up, working, doing courses, and dealing with the loss and friends, family and one of the biggest influences in my lacrosse career.

Mr. Bill McBain, Hall of Fame Coach, Organizer and a great player in his own right passed away a year or two ago. He taught me about hard work, intensity and helping teach other players, while growing the sport of Lacrosse. Bill encouraged me to write the material I have placed on this web site.

He will be missed!

Right or wrong this is how I see the game of" Goaltending". You as a player must figure out what works for you and fine tune your style to where it is successful for you.

Try new things and different styles, until you can piece together what works best for YOU.



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