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If you are as addicted to taking shots, from players on the floor or up against the cement wall or playing street hockey; you should spend some time working with your defence man.
You should work on how YOU want them to play in front of you.

You have been there before; when a defence man tries and play goalie and all he does is screen you. So give these Neanderthal defence men, ( just kidding) instructions on what you want them to do.

I would always tell my defenseman when there was a two on one
( just take one man and do not over commit to the boards ,just make sure your man does not catch a pass.) This would give me the ability to adjust my moves to focus 80 percent on the man with the ball while keeping in mind the other player(20%).

So what should you practice?
Each goalie has strengths and weaknesses. First you must be truthful with yourself and figure out what you weaknesses are. These should be focused on first.
    - If you are a weak passer ,then you should practice passing off to your defence men, who after a shot should peel off to the lower face off circles against the boards.
    - If you move slow across the crease , have your defence men cover the backdoor/far side of the net until you can cover.
    - If you are week on your angels then have the defence men challenge the Pocket of the stick of the shooter to give you time to adjust your position.

You can  move your defence men like chess pieces on the board.
Place them where you get the best use to protect the net until you can get there.

You will find that the defence men will play their position better when they know what you want them to do. Remember to always practice
harder on your poor skills than your best. You will be a great Goalie if you do this.


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Over the years I have noticed that many goaltenders get frantic when they play between the pipes. They jump, roll, and fling their bodies around in great desperation to make the save. Well believe it or not; this does not make a great goalie. Smarts, brains, or common dog are the main keys to being a top quality goalie. In order to get to that level you have to do the math. Start by realizing that you cannot stop all shots, you can however take away the high percentage shots, that is, the shots that are most likely to go in. For example if there are no offensive players at the low post (next to the net) then you need to attack the shooter not protect the net. Conversely if there are a couple of players close to the net you have to make a calculated guess on how the scoring chance will unfold. You need create a book on scoring chances and how they unfold so you can be ready to take away the best shots and create the worst chances. In my material which is posted at the Canadian Lacrosse Association web site under coaches then resources you can see how I teach the game of elimination on shooters taking away the best shots and forcing them into low percentage scoring shots. So, do the math and create “book” and you can reduce the scoring chances big time.


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After you have gone through the mental disgrace of allowing a goal and you realize that the end of the world has not happened, you like
most goalies wonder what they should do after the other team scores.

Your job is to refocus and get ready for the face off at center. It sounds easy, but there are methods to help you refocus and get ready for the face off. Usually you are looking at around 30 seconds before the referee steps forward to start the face off.

One method I use is to get up off the floor or ice and face my net.
Holding the shaft of my stick with two hands I stretch down my left leg then I rise up and turn and stretch down my right leg then I rise up and stretch down between both legs. I then bang both posts and thank the  posts for being my only friends on the floor.

Sounds interesting; but what really happens is ;when I stretch down my left leg I ask myself ( where did the shot come from?, what type of shot beat me ?,was I positioned properly?) then I rise up and stretch down my right leg ,here I decide on what positioning I could have used to stop the shot. Then I rise up and then stretch down between both legs where I tell myself to focus on the ball, stay alert .
Banging the post ends this refocusing ritual and I turn to watch the referee face off.

You can design your own ritual to refocus, walking or skating to the corner.
Tighten your gear or adjusting your stick. Just remember have a purpose to the ritual, ask yourself questions and keep it short.

All goalies get scored on, the great ones refocus quickly to stop that next shot.


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ball in nettingHijacked

I want to apologize to all the followers of this web site who have wondered; where the hell is HOSS, I want new material, I want answers and I need help.

Well I got "screened by life" and got caught up, working, doing courses, and dealing with the loss and friends, family and one of the biggest influences in my lacrosse career.

Mr. Bill McBain, Hall of Fame Coach, Organizer and a great player in his own right passed away a year or two ago. He taught me about hard work, intensity and helping teach other players, while growing the sport of Lacrosse. Bill encouraged me to write the material I have placed on this web site.

He will be missed!

Right or wrong this is how I see the game of" Goaltending". You as a player must figure out what works for you and fine tune your style to where it is successful for you.

Try new things and different styles, until you can piece together what works best for YOU.



Category: Rantings of a Goalie Monkey